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Feb 28, 2011 6:00pm PST
news," thank you for joining us. tell us what the atmosphere is like when you are in tripoli. hi, can you hear me? you are on "bbc world news." >> yes, hello, i can hear you. >> yes, thank you for joining us and tell us what it's like in tripoli and what the mood is like there? >> what is happening in tripoli, it's complicated and no one knows what is happening. and fear is starting to happen more and more because it's not stable yet. and this is typical not in tripoli, not what is happening. the interview that happened today is gaddafi is totally, we all know what we want. what he is saying is nonsense. >> what you see is stable and no signs of anti-government protests taking place? >> yesterday and today, well, two days ago it's very stable. all the forces are not here, they disappeared. maybe because of the journalists are here in tripoli. they don't want them to eyewitness. they managed to clean the city so quickly in two days. and what you see here, whatever is happening now, tripoli is like any normal day. the city is quiet and people are starting to do the normal, getting back
FOX News
Mar 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
sites near tripoli. we have live coverage on the ground. molly henningberg has the u.s. reponce. we begin with steve harington streaming live from tripoli. steve. >>reporter: a message of defiance from qaddafi. he said the attackers are colonialist and where onist who want to take over libyan oil. this time he was in a curious move it is a phone conversation recorded and that may speak to his ability to have communications or he could be in hiding. it is not clear. he would open up armories and arm his citizens to take part in the fight and threatened all nations working against libya and said all military and civilian targies would be fair game. this is a man who carried out acts of terrorism in the past. we haven't heard the explosions here in downtown tripoli but we understand some of the sites were east of the capitol city and oil depos around the city of misrada . u.s. officials say his ability to defend against the air strikes is disabled but in the morning time comes, we'll see a clear report. benghazi has been through heavy shelling today . government forces as in the recent
Mar 2, 2011 1:00am EST
? it appears right now there is something of a stalemate on the ground. tripoli still under gadhafi's control. we'll talk to a man hiding in his home who said he was stabbed by libyan police. he described the streets as frightingly quiet. benghazi is controlled by the opposition. the libyan government claim there is is no real uprising against gadhafi. they continue to claim a few dozen terrorists in each city are holding the populations hostage and claim they have never fired on libyan civilians. they say they've only killed foreigners attacking government forces. tonight, new video to show you to show that those government claims are false. this was taken sunday in tripoli, reportedly near the market. it appears to show protesters armed only with rocks and sticks being shot. [ gunfire ] >> to regroup and try to move forward. they start to use that truck as cover, moving forward towards the people shooting at them. again, they seem to only have rocks and sticks. no guns that we can see. remember, the regime denies that any libyan civilians have been shot. another new piece of video. we can't
Mar 23, 2011 5:00am EDT
." >> colonel gaddafi says he will be victorious in the end as he appears at a recently-bombed site in tripoli. >> i am not afraid of the aircraft. i am steadfast. my home is here. justice is on my side. it gives me stroning fight on. >> no backing down from the coalition as hillary clinton says some of gaddafi's aides may be looking for a way out of the crisis. i'm david eades. also coming up in the program. reports say police fired on protesters in the south of the country, killing at least five in syria. and high levels of radiation are found in tokyo's water plant. it is unfit for babies. >> hello. for the first time since air strikes on his country began, colonel gaddafi appeared to say he will not be defeated. he appeared in tripoli and said his enemies would be confined to the dust bin of history. hillary clinton has suggested aides to gaddafi may be looking for a way out. western war planes have flown more than 300 sortees over libya and tomahawk cruise missiles have been fired. let's go to my colleague, ben brown. >> hello, and welcome to benghazi in eastern libya. there have been mor
Mar 2, 2011 2:00am EST
that kind of demand. perhaps individuals, but not as a single voice. >> nic robertson in tripoli right now. does it seem like there is a stalemate to you? it seems as if gadhafi has sort of, you know, organizing himself in tripoli, holding onto tripoli and then you obviously have the second largest city, benghazi, in opposition controlled hands. >> reporter: certainly you get the sense that there's a standoff at the moment. the towns just to the west and to the east is where the oil retyping down 40 minutes drive to the west and mizrata, about 100 miles east of the city, both have strong anti-government factions controlling parts, if not all of those cities. and a senior government official told me that how the government deals with those in the coming days is going to be very, very important, there's psychological pressure, and there's also, if the government can negotiate with the rebels in those towns, as they say they are, then it bodes better they say for negotiating some kind of agreements across the country. i spoke to a man today and i said how were the negotiations going, he said
Mar 27, 2011 3:00pm EDT
>>> and as we speak, we're going to follow the story of a libyan woman who rushed into a tripoli hospital filleded with foreign journalists with an emotional claim of rape and assault by gadhafi's forces. she has now disappeared into custody forces. we'll speak to people on the ground to find out what is actually happening to her. >>> plus, confusion rages. officials say radiation reading that seemed unbelievable is, in fact, that, but why the equipment goes so badly. good day to you. good afternoon. i'm peter alexander. thank you for joining us on our extended coverage of "msnbc sunday." there are new developments this hour in libya. just a short time ago there we learned of reports of at least six new explosions heard in the libyan capital of tripoli suggesting another -- a new round of air strikes from coalition forces. this right now is a live shot of the tripoli skyline as you can see after dark there. much in the raft fire has been last 15, 20 minute. nbc's chief correspondent richard engel is live in benghazi right now. richard, i know you're a safe distance from there, but if you
Feb 28, 2011 10:00pm EST
place, about 130 miles to the east of tripoli where anti-government protesters are in control. listen to the fire. [ gunfire ] >> you can see some of the tracer fire. when aimed at human beings, it is devastating. also, 30 miles west of tripoli, this is the scene. the city contlled by anti-government protesters tonight. but gadhafi's grip on tripoli remains tight. though his grip on reality does not. take a look at his newest interview, talking about how his people love him. >> they love me, my people love me. they love me all. >> but you -- >> they will die to protect me, my people. >> you say they do love you, then why are they capturing ben gazi, and they say they're against you? >> there's a guide -- it's guided, these are not my people. they came from outside. >> saying it's al qaeda. moammar gadhafi blaming al qaeda again. america's u.n. ambassador calling his statements delusional. whatever you call them, you can add his latest comments to a list of lies he's been telling for days. listen. >> rbg has been provided to ben gazi by the americans. the youth, 16, 17-year-old are not
Mar 4, 2011 6:30pm PST
. in the west security forces launched an offensive to retake one town. in tripoli, protesters took to the streets calling for the end of muammar gaddafi's rule. there have been no reports of injuries. heavily armed rebels clashed with muammar gaddafi's fors elsewhere. the head of the rebel council says the fighting will not stop until the opposition liberates the entire country. the rebels are preparing to march on tripoli. >> rebels under fire from khadafi = = -- gaddafi loyalists. this man screams he wants to murder his own people. this is the site of a key oil terminal. rebels fired a sustained brian shaw of artillery in an attempt to overrun a military base. fighting was also reported 200 kilometers to the east. loyalist forces are taking a position outside one city. rebels are manning anti-aircraft guns around the clock. >> we have had enough. we want progress and not a corrupt ruler. we are telling muammar gaddafi to leave. he is a muslim but his mask has slipped. >> aerial bombardments were reported in a neighboring town. muammar gaddafi's forces intensified their assault ne
Mar 22, 2011 5:00am EDT
. >> strikes on tripoli for a third night. libyan authorities claim many civilians killed. president obama says the u.s. will transfer its leading role in enforcing the no-fly zone within days. u.n. humanitarian officials have met rebel leaders in the east where there is concern offense food supplies. welcome to bbc world news. also coming up, in japan more than 9,000 people are known to have died in the earthquake and tsunami. almost 13,000 are missing. as the battle to restore power to their fukushima nuclear plant continues there are fears of radiation in some food products. also, afghanistan's president announces the first provinces to be handed from nato to national security control. >> thanks for joining us. libyan state television says coalition forces have launched air strikes a third night in tripoli. colonel gaddafi's says many independents are killed but there is no equipment makes. we go to southern italy to join our colleague. welcome to the air base here in southern italy which is now the british center of operations with the r.a.f. fighters behind me. one of them i can see being
Mar 19, 2011 9:00pm EDT
is reporting from tripoli where sounds of attacks echoed through the night. and our correspondent arwa damon is with us, she's in benghazi where rebels have been trying to hold on to that city. let's get to both of them in just a moment. but first, in just the last hour, we've heard explosions and gunfire across tripoli. >> no word yet who exactly is behind it. it comes hours after libya first felt the brunt of operation odyssey dawn. a barrage of tomahawk cruise missiles rained down of french jets attacked a military vehicle near benghazi. a fighter jet belonging to the opposition was shot out of the sky and witnesses tell cnn they came under artillery assaults from gadhafi's forces, prompting many to run for their lives. let's go right back to libya and nic robertson in tripoli, arwa damon in benghazi. nic, set the scene for us, what has happened where you are only within the past few minutes? >> reporter: wolf, there were a couple of very loud explosions followed by bursts and barrages of anti-aircraft gunfire. and tracers flying up into the sky, high over the trees around the woods where
Mar 21, 2011 3:00am EDT
with breaking news. destroyed. part of moammar gadhafi's compound in libya's capital, tripoli. an allied air strike took out a building on the grounds. a coalition official says it was hit because it had military capabilities insisting that gadhafi was not the actual target and neither was his residence. it is not clear where he is right now. >>> anti-aircraft fire lighting up the night sky over tripoli. coalition forces continue to pound key targets despite the libyan army announcing another cease-fire several hours ago. the white house doesn't believe libyan forces will abide by it. after all, they did ignore the first cease-fire declared on friday. u.s. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen says the u.n.'s no-fly zone is now in place. allied air strikes have done major damage according to another u.s. official. coalition planes are now patrolling the area to deter air attacks on civilians. the u.s., france and great britain have taken big roles in "operation odyssey dawn." italy, canada, spain, belgium, denmark, norway and qatar are also involved. >>> and cnn's nic robertson broke the news of
Mar 20, 2011 10:00pm EDT
's capitol, tripoli. it was hit because it had military capabilities, insisting that gadhafi was not the actual target and neither was his residence. it is not clear where he is right now. anti-aircraft firelighting up the night sky over tripoli. coalition forces continue to pound key targets despite libyan army announcing a cease 5 moments ago. the white house doesn't believe libyan forces will abide bite, after all, they did ignore the first cease-fire declared friday. mike mullen says the first no supply zone is in place and they have done major damage to lib 83s fixed defense systems. and they are trying to deter area tacks on civilians. france and the u.s. have taken big efforts in odyssey dawn, u.s., france, britain, italy, an canada and spain, belgium, denmark, norway and qatar are involved. nick will update us on the other side. take a look. [ background voices talking ] >> those pictures from nic robertson simply amazing. let's go to him, nic. >> reporter: we were taken to moammar gadhafi's palace compound, a large area, a couple of square miles. we could see the roo
FOX News
Mar 21, 2011 3:00pm EDT
is a live picture, there has been a major explosion in tripoli, libya, as the president was speaking. the screen is black at the moment but this is our camera. the explosions were loud. we will redo the video and show you in a moment. breaking news now on fox and we will get to it when the president completes his thoughts. >> the only constant thing we have is change. the time is right to recover all the lost time. and then, finally, this relationship of encounters, are shaking hands, and that can be in the past. >>shepard: the white light on the right side of the screen are is tracer fire in the air over tripoli in the middle of the night. continuing coverage in a moment. >> that will solve the major problems that will also open up the doors to opportunity. this society of knowledge and information is knocking on our doors. latin america was late to the industrial revolution. we cannot be late in this tremendous revolution which is so much deeper, that of knowledge and information. and it has been very generous, very generous with the countries that want do embrace it but cool with
Mar 22, 2011 6:30pm EDT
the international air, a operations group loyal to gaddafi are still on the ground. tripoli has been under sustained attack. an american fighter jet crashed with a mechanical fault in eastern libya. both pilots escaped but libyan officials insist the air strikes have killed dozens of civilians, something that it has been impossible for the bbc to verify. a report now from tripoli. >> last night, we heard the explosion that did this, the sudden metallic thud of the impact and the thunderous rumble of the blast. it is a repair workshop at a naval base on the tripoli shore. 19 hours after the blast, it was still smoking, the acrid stench of it catching in your throat. >> you can see from the signs of this crater how powerful it was. the explosion took out the whole of this very large marine warehouse, but there's no doubting that this was a military target. these are police ill transporters behind us, utterly destroyed, and behind them, missiles themselves. this is a military naval facility. >> astonishing lig amid the wreckage, three missiles appeared to have survived just feet from the blast. one nav
FOX News
Mar 19, 2011 11:00pm EDT
on? let's ask our brave steve harriganan live in tripoli. tell whaus the mood is there and what you think is going on. >> reporter: geraldo, the sun is about to come up here, both sides will get a better look at damage from that cruise missile attacks. there is going to be a lot after tension on both sides to see how effective they were. how effective in disabling or dismantling antiaircraft systems? will we see another round of cruise missile strikes the goal being to allow french and miss planes to again that no fly zone. the rebel position in that strong hold of benghazi. gaddafi forces made efforts to get inside, sending in at points tank and artillery, taking a pounding. the city of 700,000 people, many trying to clear to the east. will gaddafi's forces advance inside of the city? or will they remain in outskirts? third thing to keep an eye on is gaddafi himself, you see him on tv and in front of cameras and over last few days, last night his statement was on and by television. and does that speak to his lack of communications? or does it speak to the fact he could be in hiding
Mar 5, 2011 6:30pm EST
in an attack on rebels just outside tripoli while rebel forces capture a crucial oil port to the east. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, tourists wanted-- in the wake of the gulf oil spill, a resort town goes all out to win visitors back. bitter taste-- union workers in america's chocolate town accept drastic layoffs rather than see their plant close completely. and field of dreams-- would-be hall of famers suit up and live their dreams of baseball glory no matter what their age. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mitchell: and good evening. it has been another day of fierce fighting, death, and surprise attacks in libya as the battle for the country rages on this weekend. and muammar qaddafi fights to stay in power. let's take a look at the latest. qaddafi forces mounted a fierce attack on the rebel-held town of zawiyah, while the rebel captured the key oil port of ras lanuf. and france and the u.k. continue to push for a no-fly zone over libya. we begin our coverage with mark phillips in tripoli. >> the situation there is quiet and peaceful. >> reporter: twice today, muammar qaddafi's government c
Mar 21, 2011 6:00pm PDT
." >> targeting tripoli a third night of bombing by coalition forces in libya. the u.s. says gaddafi's grip on the country is weakening. celebrations as air strikes check the advance of libyan forces in the east. but for how long? >> the truth is that colonel gaddafi's forces have not gone away and the cease fire that he declared appears meaningless. >> and the debate over the aims of the operation intensifies, president obama says the libyan leader has to go. in other news, protests in yemen gather pace. the president refuses to step down despite a number of high-profile defections. >> welcome to "bbc world news." explosions and anti-aircraft fire have been heard near tripoli as allied forces enforce the no-fly zone over libya for a third night. dozens of targets have been hit, but the coalitions say the libyan leader is not being targeted and insist that the campaign is aimed at protecting civilians. alan is in tripoli, starting our coverage with the latest of the allied support. >> from the ground, you cannot tell what is being hit, but you hear the impact of the missile strikes and the
Mar 3, 2011 5:30pm PST
's richard engel discovered today inside tripoli. you'd never know war is raging outside the city for control of libya. >>> on the border. a rare look at the daily game of cat and mouse that the u.s. is fighting against drug smugglers. >>> "america at the crossroads." tonight why america's losing some of the best and brightest and how to keep them here. >>> and tired of it all. alarming news about a problem that impairs our economy, our health, our jobs, actually puts us in danger. health, our jobs, actually puts us in danger. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the president of the united states is now on record. the longtime libyan leader needs to leave and change must now come to libya. this is how the president put it at the white house today. >> let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. it's the right thing to do. >> of course, that brings us to the question about how to do that, how to finish what the libyan uprising h
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 2:00pm EDT
steve harrigan in tripoli. steve? >> chris, those strikes overnight targeted not just libya's air defenses but the command and control center here in tripoli as well. i'm standing about two miles from colonel qaddafi's compound and the scene here about 2:30 in the morning got quite loud there were at least three large incoming explosions. they may have been cruise missiles or attacks from british war planes. they were answered immediately from antiaircraft batteries here on the ground firing up from several different points. right now in daylight reconnaissance missions are underway to try to assess damage from those cruise missiles strikes to determine if another round is necessary. libyan state tv is reporting 4 casualty civilian casualties from the those strikes. that can't be verified. and they have not been a reliable source in the past. as far as colonel qaddafi goes, he remains defiant. he says these attacks are a new form of hitlerism. he promises it will be a long war and that he will take revenge against military and civilian targets all across the mediterranean. interes
Mar 21, 2011 1:00am EDT
's capital, tripoli. an allied air strike took out a building on the grounds. a coalition official says it was hit because it had military capabilities, insisting that gadhafi was not the actual target and neither was his residence. it is not clear where he is right now. anti-aircraft fire lighting up the night sky over tripoli. coalition forces continue to pound key targets despite the libyan army announcing another cease-fire hours ago. the white house doesn't believe libyan forces will abide bite, after all, they did ignore the first cease-fire declared on friday. u.s. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen says the the u.n.'s no-fly zone is in place. allied air strikes have done major damage to libya's fixed air defense systems according to another u.s. official. coalition planes are now patrolling the area to deter air attacks on civilians. the u.s., france and great britain have taken big roles in "operation odyssey dawn." italy, canada, spain, and belgium are involved. nick will update us on the other side. we want to play this without talking over it and nic will update us on the oth
Mar 4, 2011 12:00pm EST
protesters trying to protest in tripoli. reporter has the latest. >> journalists gather to leave our hotel. the word came. no coverage of anti-government demonstrations. >> our image abroad is already bad because of unprofessional media reporting. >> the official told reporters that protesters want to kill the police, use car bombs in turn tripoli into baghdad. our presence, he said, would only encourage them. they do not want a repeat of last friday when protesters gathered in tripoli and were gunned down causing an unknown number of deaths and injuries. walmart gaddafi has already lost control of eastern libya. this forces -- muammar gaddafi has already lost control of eastern libya. the rebels have been growing their ranks, recruiting and training volunteers determined to topple gaddafi and make this revolt so big the government can no longer try to hide it. the libyan government is tightening its grip on tripoli, gaddafi's biggest stronghold. >> a senior iranian cleric warned against military intervention in libya by the u.s.. it could be a quagmire. iran has been pushing the u.s. on t
Mar 2, 2011 10:00pm EST
libyans, only against ammunition depots. this for the oil port of brega, east of tripoli, seems to show otherwise. libyans battling gadhafi forces. and in a moment, we'll show you a bombing run against people by a jet caught on camera. so as you watch the videos tonight and watch the program tonight, ask yourself this, who do you believe, a dictator's words or your own eyes and ears? the dictator spoke at length today on state television. he denied yet again that anti-government demonstrations were happening and denies harming peaceful demonstrators. >> translator: there is no demonstration in benghazi. these groups came from underground and attacked these police stations and barracks. >> that's his explanation. no demonstrations of any kind. no libyans hurt. night after night, you've heard from residents telling a different story. we've shown you numerous videos of protesters being fired on. some have rocks and sticks. most appear unarmed. we've seen many dead bodies of libyans shot in the streets. this is protesters marching with the body of someone killed in the far east of libya. th
Mar 4, 2011 1:00am EST
have kidnappings in tripoli, people suspected in taking part in demonstrations or talking to the media, taken from their homes, disappeared. as for the other weapon, lies. as always, we're keeping them honest. today, libyan authorities showed off what they say was a massive shipment of pills that they xer sented. they say al qaeda was trying to snuggle in 37 painkillers so they would join the fight against gadhafi. remember, this has been gadhafi's claim from the beginning. i asked a top government gadhafi spokesman about that claim on the program last night. as you'll notice, he's not interested in answering clear questions. the claim i find hardest to understand is libya's youth are given hallucinatory pills and bran waushed to attack. gadhafi said it was america first, now bin laden. what drugs are being used, specifically what hallucinatory pills? >> actually, the leader did not specifically accuse the united states of america. he really said that al qaeda, very highly trained individuals who now look more secular than the dwellers of the caves in afghanistan. >> i'm asking you wha
Mar 5, 2011 4:00am EST
is cracking down and killing his own people again using deadly force on the streets of tripoli and cracking down on reporters who are not cooperating taking away their cameras, trying to blind the world to what is happening. but the videos keep coming. there newly up loaded cell phone video is reportedly from youtube it says from today, we cannot independently verify that, however. we do know from various reports that they moved in hard on protesters who were harmed with sticks and rocks and in some cases guns. gadhafi forces were said to use mortars and machine gunfire. watch. again, we can not independently verify exactly when this video was taken. one witness we spoke with said what happened was indescribable. a local doctor reporting 15 dead and upwards of 200 wounded. there's a river of blood, he says, running through his hospital. the regime meantime saying they have recaptured the city. the exact word they used was liberated, which again we cannot confirm. remember, according to the gadhafi regime the libyan people are all behind him but are being held hostage by a small number of al
Mar 5, 2011 11:35pm EST
, another town false. the rebels say the march towards tripoli is unstoppable. >> the town that fell to the rebels today is home to one of libya's largest refineries. this person claimed that they brought down a warplane. for the rebellion, the road gets harder from here. tripoli is 250 miles further on. rebel forces will need reinforcement, weapons, and ammunition and more support if they hope to take the capital. gaddafi has showed little restraint using force. today, an assault by force is west of tripoli. dozens of tanks and heavy weapons moved into the city to crush the rebellion. the rebels say they still controlled the town. house should the wwhite respond to the crisis? what role will women play in the future of the country? politico's mike allen brings us a preview. >> joining me is the host of "this week's." welcome back from tripoli. the president is going to address this. >> president obama has put himself front and center. he has said publicly he needs to step down. what does that mean? he may have to figure a way to negotiate an exit for gaddafi were taking him out some
Mar 22, 2011 5:30am EDT
will be expanded toward tripoli paving the way for the united states to hand off command of the mission to the european allies. it's stopped gadhafi on benghazi. operation odyssey gone to prevent attacks on civilians is a tougher challenge. the killing continues. the white house may face growing pressure to expand by arming opposition fighters. here now, nbc news is with us live in tripoli with the latest on the ground. hello, jim. >> reporter: good morning, willie. i could use that extra hour of sleep. there were air strikes in and around tripoli last night. we heard at least three explosions. felt like shorter and more responses from the antiaircraft weapons. it may be because the skies last night were quite clear. it could have made government forces more nervous. libyan government source told us at least ten people were killed by the waves that came in three. the target was the tripoli naval base and port. he said that the target seemed to be fewer storage tanks. then things went much more quiet than the previous two nights suggesting the coalition has come close to the end of the f
Mar 23, 2011 12:30am PDT
of tripoli. welcome to "bbc news." babita sharma. as the emergency teams in japan -- for the restrictions are announced in the areas affected by radiation leaks. libyan leader colonel gaddafi has made his first public appearance. speaking in the capital of tripoli he told his supporters he will not be defeated. he says his enemies will be consigned to the dustbin of history. it came against a backdrop of whose in charge of the international military operation appeare. >> another define performance. this is the first time we have seen him since the u.n.- authorized attacks on his country. in an address that was apparently live in tripoli on tuesday, his message was unrepentant. >> gerat libyan people you are living too glorious hours. all of the people are with us. we will have a revolution against imperialism. i am not afraid of the planes that cause destruction. i am defined. my home is here. i am here, i am here, i am here. >> even as he was speaking these words, on american television came the suggestion that perhaps the regime is trying to explore its options internationally. >> i am
Mar 22, 2011 12:30am PDT
." >> tripoli, a third night of bombing by coalition forces. president obama says the coalition forces are weakening. >> the truth is that colonel gaddafi's forces have not gone away, and the cease-fire declared appears meaningless. >> as the debates over the aims of the operation intensify, president obama says the libyan leader has to go. >> welcome to "bbc news," broadcasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. coming up, protests in yemen gather pace, but the president refuses to step down despite a number of high profile defections. >> as they work to restore power to japan's stricken nuclear power plant continue, radiation detected in sea water and food supplies. >> hello, there. explosions and anti-aircraft fire have been heard near colonel gaddafi's headquarters as they enforce the no-fly zone for a third night. the libyan leader is not being targeted and they insist that the campaign is aimed as protecting libyan civilians. here is our latest on the aleyed assault. >> from the ground you cannot tell what is being hit, but you hear the impact of the missile strikes
Mar 5, 2011 5:30pm PST
against rebels on the outskirts of tripoli. >>> captured. the search for a notorious predator that lasted more than a decade may finally be over. >>> and culture clash. the oscar winner and her real-life role that sparked a the oscar winner and her real-life role that sparked a new debate over family values. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. this has been a day of heavy flood-producing rains and even damaging tornadoes from a storm system covering easternhird of the country and beyond. some 26 states, over 100 million americans have been in the path of this system which has triggered flood watches and warnings from parts of missouri all the way to vermont. while in the south, thunderstorms have unleashed tornadoes near the town of rayne, southwestern, louisiana. including one that's left at least one person dead. the weather channel's julie martin is covering it all for us tonight. >> reporter: at least three tornados ripped through an area 50 miles west of baton rouge, louisiana, saturday morning, injuring 12 and killing one. 60 homes were destroye
Mar 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
up the skies over tripoli tonight. another futile attempt to defend against overwhelming american attacks. a dozen more cruise missiles pounded libyan military targets as u.s. marine harrier jets destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles south of benghazi. in chile today, president obama said the coalition assault was absolutely necessary to prevent the massacre of defenseless libyans by moammar gadhafi. >> a leader who has lost his legitimacy decides to turn his military on his own people. we can't simply stand by with empty words. >> reporter: in two days of intensive bombing, u.s. and coalition forces have wiped out most of libya's air defenses and safely established a no-fly zone. but american warplanes also turned their guns on libyan ground forces, destroying tanks and armored vehicles, leaving the troops demoralized and in retreat. >> we know that regime ground forces that were in the vicinity of benghazi now possess little will or capability to resume offensive operations. >> reporter: overnight, a british cruise missile hit gadhafi's own compound in tripoli, destroying a mil
Mar 20, 2011 5:30pm PDT
is not a target. tonight, as anti-aircraft fire lit up the skies over tripoli, libya's military command order claimed again it wasrding its units to observe is i cease-fire, a claim western forces are skeptical of. we begin tonight with jim miklaszewski. jim? >> reporter: lester, there's only been one full day of american and coalition air strikes against libya, but senior u.s. military officials are already declaring the no-fly zone a success. but there could still be plenty of fighting ahead for the u.s. military. for the second straight night, u.s. and british tomahawk cruise missiles blasted libyan air defense sites. three american b-2 stealth bombers flew from whiteman air force base in missouri more than 36 hours to libya and back to destroy libyan fighter aircraft bunkered next to a civilian air strip. and on nbc's "meet the press," joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen declared that moammar gadhafi's air force has been grounded. >> he hasn't had had any aircraft or helicopters flying the last couple days, so effectively that no-fly zone has been put in place. >> reporter: but a tr
Mar 19, 2011 10:00pm EDT
of tripoli hours after the coalition attacked the defenses. in theatest move british jets flew 3,000 miles to carry out a missile strike on key targets. >> john, earlier the pentagon said u.s. and british ships and submarines fired more than 110 tomahawk missiles. they hit about 20 libyan air and missile defense targets. coalition calling this "operation odyssey dawn." >> france struck first against gadhafi's forces. french jets destroyed military vehicles after libyan forces attacked the rebel stronghold of benghazi. french planes are preparing to enforce the u.n.'s no-fly zone. >> u.s. president barack obama had strong words for gadhafi on the trip to brazil making it clear that this is a last resort. >> the use of force is not our first choice and it is not a choice i make lightly but we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy. >> and gadhafi remains defiant. he's vowing to open libya's armed deptos to the people. >> translator: libya will exercise the right to defend itself according to section 1 of the united nations charter. that all targets, m
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
gaddafi's residence in tripoli reportedly hit. welcome to a brand new hour of fox report, special edition. i'm harris falkner, this is a picture of gaddafi's house that was hit back in 1986, you remember under ronald reagan they targeted that residence and they hit it. they destroyed part that have compound. that is not a current picture, but it gives you an idea that he has been targeted in the past and us military officials say to fox that this time, this was not an american air strike, however, it could have left the door open, all of the fire power that has been in the air there, could have left the door open for a number of people to have targeted that residence, chug france or britain perhaps and for the second consecutive night, the united states britain and dance, launching jet bombers and cruise missiles inside of libya. the pentagon is leading the aand the top brass seem to be pleased, more in a moment. muammar gaddafi is vowing a war and coalition of rebels in his country and the casualties are mounting, a spokesperson for the rebels reportedly claimed that 8,000 libyans aligne
Mar 6, 2011 9:00am EST
developments unfolding in libya this hour. first, crowds are gathering in the capital of tripoli, celebrating in green square. the government claims it has recaptured several towns held by rebel forces. second, reports of fierce fighting east of the capital with libyan warplanes launching air strikes against the opposition. ground forces loyal to moammar gadhafi are also battling with rebels as they try to advance toward tripoli. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is live for us in tripoli. richard, a good sunday to you, what's the situation like in the capital and why that outburst of cheers today? >> reporter: there are two battle fronts right now. there is the battle front in the east as rebels about 400 miles from here are trying to advance toward tripoli. they have taken the oil-producing region of ras lanouf, but they are meeting resistance as they are going outside of ras lanouf, trying to head toward tripoli, which the rebels say is their ultimate goal. around tripoli, there is the second battle front, really in two main towns, zawiyah and misratah, where there are exchange
Mar 19, 2011 4:00pm EDT
by gadhafi to include tripoli with a couple of million people. and what will gadhafi do with his armor in the coming 72 hours? will he plunge into benghazi or will he do something else? >> let me bring in a middle east policy expert at the brookings institute and also a professor at the university of maryland. the united states is saying that the libyan leadership, that government forces are not going to be the targets here, but that there are ground force near the sites where the u.s. is targeting, that they could become casualties at this point. do you think, given what we do know about libya, this would be enough to motivate people to switch sides, to back off, to rethink their support of libya's strongman? >> as i said, it's really about momentum right now. if there's any sense the momentum is shifting against the gadhafi regime, we're likely to see additional defections. the only thing that reverses it is that gadhafi was still strong and he had a lot of tools as his disposal. it could happen. when you look at the u.n. resolution, everybody's been saying it's about civilians. but
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 3:00am EDT
today. that is not accurate. they said the cruz missiles caused massive civilian casualties in tripoli and that is not accurate. and pointing to the source as al-qaeda is also another inaccuracy from the regime. >> judge jeanine: stay safe there. for more on the united states military actions we bring in jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. jennifer? >> reporter: we do not have any official word yet from pentagon officials about the bomb damage from the 114 tomorrow ma hackl missiles which -- tomahawk missiles fired from two u.s. destroyers in the mediterranean and three u.s. sub marines and one british sub marine. they were fired off of those at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. takes about an hour flying time for the tomahawks to strike their targets. there were about 20 targets evenly divided between the capital of tripoli as well as misred aed ta where we he do understand from reports on the ground that an air force academy was targeted there as well as the main air base that qadaffi has. also, two strikes against sert, the hometown of qadaffi but none against benghazi where the rebels a
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 3:00pm EDT
up into the sky in downtown tripoli. after real heavy fire around 2:30 this morning. here is what it sounded like. [ gun shots ] >> that is all right. >> we're still up, right. just off to my right, that was a large explosion, it could have been been a cruise missile and tremendous amount of anti-aircraft fire, red tracers filling up the sky. certainly you could hear that thunder. that is heavy anti-aircraft fire and we are seeing more tracer fire, as well. now it's a thunderstorm here. i'm seeing prosecute four different points tracer fire and explosions of anti-aircraft fire in the sky behind those white clouds. [ gun shots ] >> there is more have it. you can hear the thunder, that is about 300 yards away from me. >> it's odd to feel that you are in the middle of a city a major metropolitan and center of battle. khadafy forces are still in action despite talk of a cease-fire. there has been fighting around mizrata and good news for the rebels, it appears the french air strike on khadafy government forces was just in time destroying tanks and reports of people who had fled bengha
Mar 29, 2011 1:00am EDT
in an incredibly disturbing incident th loo th loo that looked at a tripoli hotel full of journalists. this woman was dragged away by gadhafi officials, we have updates about what's happened since. i'll talk to nick robert son about it. the gadhafi regime has told multiple conflicting stories about that woman. they first denied that opposition even existed on gadhafi. then they blamed it on had a louis genics. >> we have trouble coming up with proof of any civilian casualties that we have been responsible for. but we do have a lot of intelligence reporting about gadhafi taking the bodies of people he's killed and putting them at the sites we've attacked. we've been extremely careful in this military effort. >> is it our job to take the defense secretary at his word? we have found that whenever the libyans take correspondents out claiming to show civilian casualties, they never seem to find them. all our camera crew ever saw was bombed out military equipment. and at a staged funeral, nic robertson discovered he couldn't find any grieving family members, and the coffins were not necessarily what th
Mar 20, 2011 6:00pm EDT
opens fire. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. we start tonight. this is tripoli just a short time ago. take a look. [ gunfire ] >> loud explosions ring out in libya's capital city. it is midnight right now in that country and in the midst of all this unrest this is what libya's state-run government broadcasting is running right now. it's a tale of two very different realities. we'll show you that in a moment. as we go on air, the libyan army is announcing a second cease-fire, yet moammar gadhafi's group is blasting fire into the night skiet. there was already a cease-fire in place and libyan forces just ignored it. that's why the u.s. and other countries got involved to enforce the agreement. the no-fly zone is now in place. allied air strikes have done major damage to libya's fixed air defense systems, that's according to another u.s. official. the u.s. and britain have fired 124 tomahawk missiles on key sites. the u.s. is only one of the countries taking part in this. france and great britain have taken major roles. italy, canada, spain, belgium, denmark, norwa
Mar 20, 2011 9:00pm EDT
power at the national security council as well. jill, thanks very much. >>> tonight in tripoli, striking out at moammar gadhafi's command and control. coalition forces target a key compound belonging to the libyan leader. antiaircraft fire lights up the skies over tripoli but allied warplanes have already wiped out much of libya's air defenses. strong and successful. that's how the u.s. defense secretary describes the operation so far. but he also sounds a warning. in benghazi, the rebels celebrate as the libyan military calls for an immediate cease-fire. allied forces say they'll wait and see if this time that promise is genuine. >>> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers watching on cnn networks around the world. this is a cnn special -- libya war. tonight we're live from five continents as we cover the military movements, the political back-and-forth and the diplomatic steps being taken against moammar gadhafi and his regime. here's what we know now. a senior official with coalition forces tells cnn allies targeted a building in moammar gadhafi's
Mar 30, 2011 2:00am EDT
of military importance. they could bypass those and maybe achieve success en route to tripoli. also, anderson, i have to smile. i've got this image of arming lawyers and doctors when truly we need to have a definition of who are those noncommissioned officers, who are the guys that are really going to be doing the fighting, what are their capabilities? and we don't have a clue. >> yeah, a lot of conflicting reports. let us know what you think. we're on facebook and twitter. i'll try to be tweeting tonight. up next, arwa damon and nic robertson with late word on the shift in momentum of the opposition back to the gadhafi regime. we've seen that in the last 24 hours. how opposition forces are trying to keep a retreat from turning into a rout. >>> later, what happened after this woman went before cameras accusing gadhafi forces of raping her? the regime says she's back home with her family. we found out otherwise. that's not all we uncovered. what her family told us about what gadhafi's henchman offered them for spinning the story their way. keeping the regime honest tonight. ♪ ♪ stay inside
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